Email marketing campaigns have become increasingly popular as an eye-catching and cost-effective way to get your marketing message to your customers. We provide multichannel marketing services that include email, text messaging broadcasts and personalized landing pages (personalized URLs or PURLs). These services can help you increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your promotional campaigns.

We can print and mail marketing materials that invite recipients to visit a Web page that is personalized with a message or offer just for them. By capturing data from each visit to the PURL, we can instantly generate an acknowledgment or follow-up offer via email or text message to the recipient’s cell phone or PDA. Each message is formatted automatically for the internet browser, email software, type of cell phone or PDA device on the receiving end. The message can also include a link to a Web page that is built and personalized for each individual.

Multichannel marketing leverages the value of your customer data with the power of Graphic Concepts Printing’s comprehensive print, mail and data management capabilities to fully maximize the impact of your marketing message. Try it and watch your responses increase!

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